Critical Praise

Steal Away’s screenplay has received critical praise from two of the entertainment industry’s leading coverage houses, Scriptapalooza and Coverfly.  The excerpts below have been edited for concision:

Steal Away is a touching true story brilliantly brought to life. The characters are vivid and real. This is a wonderfully crafted story sure to touch audiences.” 1

“Steal Away plays out against an epic backdrop. Their journey is unforgettable. The script is an incredible accomplishment— a truly cinematic story from start to finish.” 2

“Steal Away is a deeply emotional and captivating story with humor, heartbreak, and deep emotional transformation.” 4

“This is one of the most engaging historical dramas I’ve read. There’s a strong audience for Steal Away.” 6

“Ella is complex and layered. Her arc is compelling. Amazing.” 3

“Ella is a brilliant protagonist, sympathetic and intelligent with a sense of humor, but flawed.” 5

“The writer has crafted compelling characters and done a fantastic job of bringing their stories to a satisfying resolution. I teared up and had chills multiple times.” 7

“Ella’s romance with Wallace is nothing short of perfection. Their exchanges are wonderfully designed.” 1

“From the impressive, memorable opening scene, Steal Away is a real page-turner rich with drama and emotion.” 5

“The plot is full of twists and turns with strong, surprising developments. The writer constantly raises the stakes. This story is epic.” 5

“The plot is full of conflict, making for an entertaining, emotional drama. Anything that could go wrong went wrong. It was Murphy’s Law creating a delightful story.” 1

1 Coverfly Analyst SB12 | 2 Scriptapalooza Analyst LB | 3 Coverfly Analyst LT56 | 4 Coverfly Analyst KJL6 

5 Coverfly Analyst MHS | 6 Coverfly Analyst TQ58 | 7 Coverfly Analyst SN91

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