Dear Prospective Partners,

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for considering joining Realm Entertainment in the production of Steal Away, the first of our several slated motion pictures.  In partnering with visionaries such as yourself, Realm is seeking to create meaningful, fruitful, highly profitable relationships that span many years and projects.

Our Mission

Realm is creating spectacularly diverse Hollywood entertainment at a fraction of studio cost, while sharing box-office revenues with our Historically Black Colleges and Universities and forging pathways of opportunity for the outstanding talent emerging from these campuses.  Our slate of motion pictures tell timeless stories poised to become beloved classics.

Endowing HBCUs, Breaking Brilliant Minority Talent

Colleges and universities serve as vital gateways of opportunity for fledgling young professionals.  But while the studios keep a watchful eye on the nation’s affluent campuses, our HBCUs are systemically ignored.  This entrenched practice is a chief reason minority representation is severely lacking in the industry’s executive, production, and creative infrastructures.

Vigorously disrupting the status quo, Realm commits to endowing our HBCUs with 10% profit participation in Steal Away’s net revenues, while perpetually engaging their outstanding literary, performance, and technical talent in the production of our content.

Business Model: Producing Blockbuster Movies at Budget Pricing

The studios are second to none at producing globally appealing motion pictures, but their notoriously wasteful production budgets, towering internal fee structures, and endless addiction to throwing money at problems, personnel, and profligate creatives helps doom fully half of their releases to losses and curbs profits for the successful half.  Realm will deploy time-tested, budget-slashing independent filmmaking practices to create blockbuster entertainment at a fraction of studio cost, dramatically lowering each film’s break-even point and maximizing investors’ projected profit yield.

Intellectual Property

IP is the bedrock of Realm’s development slate.  Strong IP has been the cornerstone of many of history’s most successful, beloved, and profitable blockbusters, from Shakespeare’s original Othello to the Lord of The Rings trilogy.  Steal Away is based on Andrew Ward’s critically acclaimed “Dark Midnight When I Rise” (HarperCollins), a breathtaking epic to which Realm owns exclusive rights.

“Steal Away”

An industry critic has written about the Fisk Jubilee Singers, “Their story is epic.  Their journey is unforgettable.  Steal Away is a deeply captivating story sure to touch audiences.”  Indeed, in my 200-plus productions, none has approached the power, dramatic sweep, universal appeal, and inspirational message of hope, healing and race reconciliation of the Jubilees’ story.

Steal Away’s kaleidoscope of colorful characters will take your breath away.  As many never knew about William Wallace before Braveheart, so will you marvel that you’d never heard of the thunderous young musical warrior Ella Sheppard.  In his “enthusiastic” endorsement of Steal Away, the Rev. Jesse Jackson writes that, “Though perhaps unfamiliar to some, Ella Sheppard was without question one of the greatest heroes the cause of Freedom has ever known; her staggering courage and sacrifice saved countless Black schools and universities from supremacist destruction.  Her breathtaking story will captivate and inspire the world.”  Just as Ella Sheppard and her heroic choir captured hearts across America, Europe and Asia, so will their heroic, heart-stirring story conquer box-offices worldwide… and create a timeless classic.

Market and Audience Research

We believe in engaging reputable third-party firms to critically assess our assets and offerings.

Eight years in the writing, Steal Away’s screenplay has received high acclaim from two of Hollywood’s premier script coverage houses, Scriptapalooza and Coverfly.

To independently forecast Steal Away’s global earnings potential, Realm has turned to one of the world’s leading box-office analytics firms, Nash Information Services.  Consulted by studios, networks, investment banks and industry retailers, Nash’s data-driven Comp Analysis Reports are the trusted gold standard in trans-platform global motion picture revenue projections.  Citing Steal Away’s strong crossover appeal and identifying several high-grossing releases as revenue comparables, Nash’s report for Steal Away forecasts robust earnings across worldwide distribution platforms, projecting median revenues of $712 million with substantial further potential upside.

Global Advertising, Worldwide Distribution

Realm’s Publicity, Marketing, and Social Media teams are already building an early-stage global audience base for Steal Away that will strategically engage the international public throughout the movie’s preproduction, production, and post-production.  Upon distribution, Steal Away will receive a studio-scale global advertising campaign as it’s licensed across worldwide theatrical, home video, streaming, television and ancillary platforms, with its immensely lucrative merchandising, soundtrack and music publishing revenue corridors concurrently exploited.


Realm is led by a diverse, passionate, visionary team of producers; finance, investment, and strategy officers; public relations and social media directors; and business affairs chair, all of whom share a commitment to light up global screens with the visions and voices of outstanding minority artists while investing in the venerable institutions that nurtured and honed them.

Partnering and Profiting with You

If you’re seeking a socially meaningful, highly profitable investment partnership with a production company creating a groundbreaking revolution in the global entertainment sector, please contact Chief Investment Officer Nicole Papetti at

If you’re a potential strategic partner – e.g., a corporation, association, institution, celebrity, influencer, media outlet – that shares our unquenchable commitment to meaningful, groundbreaking revolution in the global entertainment sector, please contact Chief Strategy Officer Garner Millard at

I hope you join us.  In doing so, you’ll be forging your legacy as a Producer of beloved global entertainment while sustaining our HBCUs and ushering their quarter of a million mostly impoverished young students into futures of hope, opportunity, and promise.  Now is the time; the monumental mission to level the playing field of opportunity for all young Americans is more vital than ever.

With warmest regards,

Stephen Ashley Blake


Realm Entertainment