Our Passionate Mission

Steal away movie poster

A newly formed production company run by industry veterans, Realm is producing spectacularly diverse blockbuster entertainment while sharing box-office revenues with our Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and breaking outstanding minority talent into the $2.3 trillion-dollar global media industry.

America’s HBCUs are teeming with some of the most brilliant minds on Earth, but Hollywood’s gilded gates are systemically shut to them – an HBCU grad with the talent of Shakespeare would stand virtually no chance of getting her script read by a studio.  Meanwhile, functioning on just one-eighth of the endowments received by non-minority colleges, the HBCUs are direly struggling.  At this moment, many are at the brink of collapse.

Realm passionately joins their monumental crusade.  We commit to endowing these venerable institutions with 10% of Steal Away’s net box-office revenues, profit participation which, based on third-party industry projections, could potentially reach $70 million.   Moreover, in producing our slate of films, Realm will tirelessly draw upon the outstanding literary, performance, and technical talent emerging from our HBCUs.  By systemically investing in, and reaping talent from our HBCUs, Realm throws down the gauntlet for Hollywood and all of Corporate America to follow.