Our Mission

Realm is creating spectacularly diverse blockbuster entertainment at a fraction of studio cost, optimizing investor returns, while sharing box-office revenues with our HBCUs and forging pathways of opportunity for the outstanding talent emerging from these campuses.  Our slate of motion pictures tell timeless stories poised to become beloved classics.

Blockbuster Movies at Indie Pricing

The studios are second to none at producing high-concept, globally appealing motion pictures, but their astronomical production budgets and towering internal fee structures help doom half of their releases to losses and severely curbs profits for the successful half.  Meanwhile, no-waste, budget-slashing independent producers make movies for nickels on the studio dollar, increasing profits relative to their production budgets but typically produce niche films targeting narrower audiences, curbing what could be far greater profits.  Realm is merging the studios’ universally appealing content development with cost-driven indie production methods to produce Hollywood entertainment at indie pricing, dramatically lowering each film’s break-even point and maximizing investors’ projected profit yield.

Intellectual Property

IP is the bedrock of Realm’s development slate.  Strong IP has been the cornerstone of many of history’s most successful, beloved, and profitable blockbusters, from Shakespeare’s original Othello to the Lord of The Rings trilogy.  Steal Away is based on Andrew Ward’s critically acclaimed “Dark Midnight When I Rise” (HarperCollins), a breathtaking epic to which Realm owns exclusive rights.


Realm is led by a diverse, passionate, visionary team who share a passion to light up global screens with the visions and voices of outstanding minority artists while investing in the venerable institutions that nurtured and honed them.

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