Revenue-Sharing with America’s HBCUs,
Breaking Brilliant Undiscovered Talent

Steal Away is the story of the Jubilee Singers’ war to defend America’s fledgling Historically Black Colleges and Universities against supremacist destruction following the Civil War.  Today, far from gilded campuses and Ivy Leagues, America’s HBCUs are teeming with some of the most brilliant minds on Earth, but the gates of opportunity are systematically shut to them.  Meanwhile, functioning on just one-eighth of the endowments received by non-minority colleges, the severely underfunded HBCUs are desperately struggling in their mission to build futures for a quarter of a million underprivileged young people, with many of these venerable institutions at the brink of bankruptcy.

Realm commits to endowing these monumental institutions with 10% of Steal Away’s assignable net profits, endowments projected to reach a potential high of $70 million.

At the same time, Realm will tirelessly draw upon the outstanding literary, performing arts and technical talent emerging from these venerable institutions in the production of our films, breaking brilliant minority artists into the $2.3 trillion global media industry.

By systemically investing in, and reaping talent from our HBCUs, Realm throws down the gauntlet for both Hollywood and all of Corporate America to follow.

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