Writer / Director

Stephen Ashley Blake

Stephen Blake’s motion picture, television and music video credits span over 200 productions, including projects for Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony, HBO, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Fox Television and USA Network. As Director, Producer, and/or Cinematographer he has shot iconic music videos for chart-topping artists including Wu-Tang, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J (“Mama Said Knock You Out”), Bono, Kirk Franklin, Public Enemy, Digital Underground, Bell Biv Devoe, Neil Young, and Chris Rock, at Geffen, Motown, Interscope, Virgin, Capitol, Columbia, MCA, RCA, Atlantic, Elektra, Epic, Island, Def Jam and Arista.

In directing Steal Away, Stephen joins the ranks of his fellow music video directors who have transitioned to directing, producing and/or writing blockbuster motion pictures, including:

Michael Bay  (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys, Transformers & sequels)
David Fincher  (Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network)
Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2)
Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean & sequels)
Francis Lawrence (Constantine, I Am Legend, The Hunger Games films)
Garth Jennings (Sing 1 & 2, The Secret Life of Pets 2)
Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, King Arthur, The Magnificent Seven, The Equalizer 1 & 2)

F. Gary Gray  (The Italian Job, Straight Outta Compton, Men in Black: International)
Brett Ratner  (Rush Hour 1, 2, 3, The Family Man, X-Men: The Last Stand)
Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Black Hawk Down)
McG  (American Pie, Scream 2, Charlies Angels 1 & 2)
Alex Proyas  (I, Robot)
Dominic Sena  (Gone in 60 Seconds, Swordfish)
Len Wiseman  (Underworld & sequels, Total Recall)

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